How to Select Driver IC for Segment LCD

- Apr 24, 2018 -

How to select the driver IC

Segment code display driver IC is generally HT 1621, can drive 128 segments, more than 128 segments will use 1622. You can also choose to use SCM, only for the content is relatively simple.

How LCD Segment Screen Drives

Segment code LCD screen driver steps to introduce it.

The first step, LCD segment code LCD driver important values: operating voltage, duty cycle and bias ratio. These three parameters are very important and must be met.

The second step, driving mode: According to the driving principle of the LCD, only the AC voltage can be added to the LCD pixel. The contrast of the LCD display is the difference between the voltage on the COM pin and the voltage on the SEG pin. When the voltage difference Saturation voltage greater than the LCD can open the pixel, and can be turned off when the LCD or value voltage is smaller. The LCD type MCU has automatically generated the LCD drive signal from the built-in LCD driver circuit, so only the I/O port can simulate the output of the driver. The signal can complete the LCD driver.

The segment code LCD screen mainly has two kinds of pins: COM and SEG, which are similar to the digital tube. However, the pressure difference must be changed. For example, the first moment is a positive 3V, and the second moment must be a reverse 3V. It is important to note that if the segment code LCD panel is powered by DC, it will not be long before the screen is destroyed, so be careful.

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