Difference Between a Bright LCD Screen and an Ordinary LCD Screen?

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The bright LCD screen is a liquid crystal screen with high brightness and contrast, which can provide better viewing vision under strong ambient light, and ordinary LCD screens are generally not easy to see images in the sun.

First, highlight the difference between LCD screen and ordinary LCD screen

1, high brightness

Compared with TV and PC LCD screens, bright LCD screens have higher brightness. The brightness of TV or PC LCD screen is generally only 250~300cd/m2, while the brightness of the highlight LCD screen can reach 700cd/m2 or more.

2, high contrast

The bright LCD display has 1200:1 and even 10,000:1 contrast, which is more than twice as high as traditional PC or TV LCD screens, and is three times that of general rear projection.

3, reliability can be better

Ordinary LCD screen for TV, PC monitor design, does not support continuous use day and night, highlight the LCD screen supports continuous use in 7x24 hours.

4, uniform brightness, image stability does not flicker

Since each point of the LCD maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, unlike the CRT, it needs to constantly refresh the pixel. Therefore, the LCD has uniform brightness, high image quality, and absolutely no flicker.

5, longer service life

The lifetime of LCD backlights used by ordinary NB, PC, and TV is 10,000 to 30,000 hours, and the lifetime of backlights for DID LCD screens can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours. This ensures that The consistency of brightness, contrast, and chromaticity of each LCD panel used in the spliced display screen after prolonged use, and the lifetime of the display screen is not less than 60,000 hours.

Second, the LCD display and LED display points

In the bright LCD industry, consumers often encounter businesses that change the LCD screen highlights, LED screen highlights, which is easily mistaken for consumers is the current market, LED dot matrix display, the former we The said LED/LCD system is a liquid crystal display, and the latter LED dot matrix display is a light emitting diode. The former is composed of a liquid crystal glass and a backlight to form a display device, and the latter is directly displayed by a light emitting diode. Note that the liquid crystal is highlighted. The LCD screen/LED screen mentioned in the screen industry is actually derived from the name of the backlight. The LCD screen (CCFL backlight) and the LED screen (WLED backlight) change the highlight of the LCD screen is actually the LCD of the CCFL backlight. The display is changed to WLED backlight. The highlight of the LED screen is to brighten the original WLED backlight LCD screen. Of course, the highlight screen is not only to replace the backlight, more in-depth technical problems need to consult the corresponding high brightness LCD display resistance Connaught manufacturer!

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