Apple Secures OLED Strength For Ultra-Premium IPhone 8

- Mar 21, 2017 -

A majority of the world’s OLED supply will be secured by Apple and Samsung this year. The week saw news of this take center stage with the help of popular tech sources like Digitimes. Apple Inc. famously holds much of the high-end tech market. The company possesses a particular stronghold with it premium smartphones. Together with Samsung, a leading rival fromKorea, the two companies sit at the forefront of the consumer electronics.

The gadget space is seeing a dramatic increase in demand for high-resolution displays. The producers of OLED panels have accordingly spread themselves thin, though the makers of the iPhone and Galaxy series will reportedly hold the bulk of their produce this year. Moving forward, analysts forecast a heated race to secure greater influences among OLED suppliers.

Both Apple and Samsung have zeroed in on OLED for their next generations of handsets. Having held onto to LCD for as long as it could, the iPhone maker has come relatively late to the OLED scene. But this year will mark an entire decade of iPhone production. Investors and consumers alike are eager for glimpses of the next decade of iPhone products. This highlights Apple Inc.’s increased bid in the OLED market; the highly rumored iPhone 8.

A major switch in display tech is said to be on the cards for Apple. Rumors have closely tethered the transition to the company’s 2017 handset. One of the talking point that lead the iPhone 8 discussion is the introduction of OLED screen tech.


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