Configurable Backlight Breathes New Life Into LCD Display Module

- Oct 19, 2016 -

Intelligent Display Solutions (IDS), display specialist, has announced the introduction of its COG (chip on glass) Alphanumeric LCD Display Module range.

This new range of LCD displays from IDS has 2 rows of 16 characters and offers a low cost, low energy and easy to implement solution for embedded systems. Furthermore, these modules are available in a wide choice of backlight colours, and also offer developers dynamic multi-colour solutions.

"This style of alphanumeric LCD has been around for a while, but remains a popular and effective method for displaying data," said Adrian Amor, Director at IDS. 

"What is new, is that we have ‘refreshed’ this approach by adding new backlight colours, enabling a more modern appearance for this type of display. The backlight colour can be dynamically changed, helping to bring attention to alarm conditions or system status"

 The COG Alphanumeric LCD Display Module supports various LCD modes, including STN Positive, STN Negative, FSTN Positive, FSTN Negative and FFSTN Negative. It is also available with various LED backlight colours that include White, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow/Green and RGB.

“Designers will now have the flexibility to benefit from the low cost and low energy of LCD, yet develop a product with the style and the look they need, including an RGB option,” said Adrian Amor. “Or they will be able to change the look of an existing product at no extra cost, or maybe match corporate colours or simply make their design look unique.”

IDS support the product range with Arduino and Pi code and breakout boards and demos to enable implementation as fast as possible.

This range of displays is available through RS Components. Further information and documentation is available on the following web page.

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