Electronica India 2014(In BIEC, Bangalore)

- Sep 21, 2015 -

On Sep 23rd to 25th, 2014, the fair Electronica India was held at BIEC, Bangalore, during this exhibition, Blaze Display showed its great advantages in R&D abilities and exhibited a variety of LCD products, which attracted lots of customers and local distributors.

Through this exhibition, we had a better understanding about the potential of Indian market and the application of our products, and it provided us a good opportunity to investigate the local market in an efficient way. Our brand image in India impressed a lot of customers and we gained some reputation locally. And also, our market share in Asia has been increased by 18% in a short time, which made us be more confident to expand our business in Asia.

We would continue to improve our R&D abilities and production efficiency to offer our customers with more quality and competitive products.

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