Inspections on Jiangxi Industry Park

- Feb 20, 2017 -

On 17th Feb, 2017, the president of Blaze Display Mr. Andrew Wong, accompanied by the deputy general manager Mr. Yao from Shenzhen factory, flew to Jiangxi and carried out inspections on the new Industry Park. Mr. Andrew Wong, together with the general manager of Industry Park Mr. Long ,visited part of workshop of the first-phase project. They talked to the workshop staff and Engineering department, learnt more about the situation of automatic production line and operation of equipment. In addition, Mr. Andrew Wong visited the staff canteen and dormitory, paid high attention to the canteen sanitation, especially the food for night-shift staff.

1 - 左:姚先生,深圳工厂副总经理.jpg2 - 左:姚先生,深圳工厂副总经理.jpg

                                             Left: Mr. Yao, deputy general manager of Shenzhen factory

                                             Middle: Mr. Andrew Wong, the president of Blaze

                                             Right: Mr. Long, general manager of Jiangxi Industry Park

3 - 江西工业园 一期厂区.jpg4 - 江西工业园 一期厂区.jpg
                                                     Jiangxi Industry Park   The first-phase factory

         5 - 指示加快一期厂区绿化建设.jpg           6 - 龙先生关于二期厂房建设计划.jpg

                  Instruct to quicken the greening 

                  construction of first-phase factory           

                       Examine the construction land of 

                       second-phase factory  

After the workshop tour, they met in the conference room. Mr. Long fully briefed the staff return-to-work rate after Chinese New Year holiday, as well as the capacity, qualification rate and quality control of the first-phase project production line. He also conscientiously summed up the experience and deficiency of first-phase project, in the meanwhile put forward some advise for the second-phase project which is coming soon. Other responsible managers also reported to Mr. Andrew Wong.

         7 - 与姚总交谈.jpg         8 - 视察一期厂区停车棚建设.jpg
                           Talk with Mr. Yao
            Inspect the construction of parking Shed

         9 - 在车间与员工交谈.jpg         10 - 在车间与车间主管交谈.jpg
                    Talk to staff in workshop
                     Talk to workshop superviser

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Andrew Wong indicated his full recognition in the past job of the staff in Jiangxi Industry Park. He also shared the current operation performance of Blaze and analyzed the situation in Blaze that the order amount climbs monthly. Mr. Andrew Wong repeatedly stressed that product quality must be put in high priority.

        11 - 在车间.jpg         12 - 在背光包装车间.jpg
                              In workshop                       In backlight packing workshop


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