Large-Size LCD Panel Shipments Posted Monthly Growth Of 6.5% In May

- Sep 13, 2016 -

The latest LCD panel shipment report from WitsView, a division of TrendForce, finds large-size panel shipments totaled 60.25 million units in May, up 6.5% from the prior month. The strong monthly shipments across all applications were attributed to the anticipation of rising prices and increased inventory-replenishment efforts. Among the applications, the notebook panel market had the best shipment performance.

Looking at June, WitsView Research Manager Iris Hu said that panel prices have been on the rise, so branded device vendors are stocking up earlier for the coming peak season in order to lower their procurement costs. TV and monitor panel shipments are expected to grow by 3~4% on a monthly basis, respectively. Notebook panel shipments in June will either remain steady or dip slightly by 1% monthly because some orders for this month have been shifted to May.

Monthly monitor panel shipments reached 11.99 million units in May, up 7% from the prior month. Branded monitor vendors have experienced low inventory recently because panel makers on account of low margins have scaled back their production of monitor products sized 21.5 inches wide and under. Furthermore, panel prices have started to recover after hitting bottom, and they are anticipated to go up even further in July, when the Energy Star Version 7.0 standards become effective.

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