What Are The Common Problems Of LCD?

- Nov 23, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology, LCD screen has the advantages of no battery radiation, large amount of display information and long service life which is becoming popular nowadays. But what are the common problems with the LCD screen?

1, LCD image dislocation

LCD shows displacement in the horizontal direction, or a few pixels on the top or bottom Color, white or black stripes. Generally speaking, this happens because the initialization parameter is not set correctly, it's related to line synchronization or field synchronization signal. The synchronization between the LCD controller and the CPU controller is matched with the width, the time delay, and the polarity of the field synchronization signal.


2, LCD shows a wide range of images dislocation, superposition or duplication

LCD shows a wide range of images dislocation, superposition or duplication, this situation generally caused by the delay of line synchronization or field synchronization signal, which can basically eliminate the influence. Whether the parameters of the function such as sampling and checking are normal or not is due to the different hardware platforms of LCD, Due to differences in timing or clock frequency.


3, Can’t power up the LCD - unable to initialize correctly:

There are many reasons why LCD can’t power up, but after this problem, we should first judge whether the initialization of LCD is completed correctly. The easiest way to judge is to measure the voltage across the capacitor on the LCM FPC.


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