Value And Function Positioning Of COG Screen

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Modern science and technology in the use of the process can be very good to promote the use of products, COG screen is very representative in the majority of products, but also the use of multi-level down a good product, so that more customers can be in use for accelerating their understanding. And they are sturdy mechanical designs that can be displayed normally in most complex areas.

COG screen is actually the driver directly and the display screen are connected together, do not need to do other complex process, reduce the line after walking and layers can make its structure simple and lightweight, without cumbersome installation, handling and related operations, so that it can save a lot of energy. So COG screen for other screen is very convenient, it is in size and convenient two properties have great advantages, on the whole, COG no longer needs other special packaging materials, greatly saves the cost of production.

In the use of COG screen, COG can better reflect its superiority in some customers' product styles, giving customers a greater advantage in convenient portability, and better promoting portability. From the main properties, it also recorded a lot about previous innovation, which is the most important factor in the transformation becomes lighter, it can make use of more diversity, so as to better see in some products use effect. 


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