LCD Splice Screen

- Jan 02, 2018 -

The LCD splicing screen can be used individually as a display and can be spliced into a large screen. According to different requirements, realize the variable small change big screen: single screen display, single screen display segmentation alone, any combination of full screen display, LCD screen, double stitching vertical display, image frame optional compensation or cover, roaming, zoom, stretching across the screen to support digital display 3D, Pip, playback, various display settings and operation plan, real-time Full HD signal processing. LCD screen will not flicker, can reduce the damage to the eyes of the display, the fatigue of the eyes is not easy.

The LCD splicing screen is a single and independent display unit, that is to say, hang up and use. Installation is just as simple as building blocks. The use and installation of single or multiple liquid crystal splicing screens are very simple, and the body is thin, saving space.

Everything, not only to adapt to the digital input signal, the analog signal support is also very unique, the liquid crystal splicing signal interface, using DID LCD technology to realize analog signal and digital signal can access at the same time, a liquid crystal splicing technology recently can also realize the naked eye 3D intelligent effect.


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