Brief Analysis of LCD Display Backlight Process

- Jan 23, 2018 -

In the electronics industry, backlighting is a form of lighting, which is often used on LCDscreens. Backlight display means that when the user uses an electronic device, the LCD display on the fuselage can send out the backlight so that the content can be displayed more clearly. As long as most electronic devices have a display screen, there is a backlight display. As long as the subtitles are displayed, the backlight is normal.

The backlight can be any color, and the monochromatic liquid crystal usually has the backlight of yellow, green, blue and white. The color display uses white light because it covers the most color. The difference between the backlight and the front light is that the backlight is illuminated from the side or behind the back. Backlight production process: light guide plate diffusion film - paste reflective film - edge - loaded lamp, which is called the bottom light, what is the side backlight?

Bottom backlight:

The bottom backlight is a flat surface light source with a certain structure, which can be a continuous and uniform surface light source, such as the LED dot matrix or the white lamp backlight.

Lateral backlight:

A light source made of a line or spot light through the side of a specially designed light guide is called Ce Guangyuan. According to the actual needs, make double or even multifaceted style, our company is doing all side light.

The production process of the backlight board:

1. The plexiglass plate is cut and segmented, the large sheet is cut into a small piece, and the screen printing is carried out after the block is divided.

2. Cut the printed board from the engineering drawing into the corresponding light guide plate material.

3. Cut the light guide plate to carry out the sticker paper, including the diffusion film and the reflection film.

4. The diffusion and reflected light guide plate will be attached to the edges.

5. At the end of the lighting process. This is the completion of our side backlight process.




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