Rotary switch encoder embeds LCD touch screen

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Human Machine Interface (HMI) specialist EAO has introduced an innovative Touch Encoder that integrates a touch-screen LCD display with a multi-function rotary switch and pushbuttons in a single product.

The Touch Encoder from Grayhill Inc streamlines Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) used in medical electronics, audio/visual and specialist vehicle control applications. Instead of tweaking multiple knobs the new device enables users to fine-tune their equipment control while keeping their hands in a single position.

The multiple configuration options provided by the new Touch Encoder are configured using an intuitive iPad development kit app that provides access to tap, swipe, and rotation gestures and makes it easy to support custom layouts and multiple language options. Rugged, sealed and impact resistant, the new device will also be welcomed by engineers developing emerging control applications where intuitive control is paramount.


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