Underscreen Fingerprint Recognition Technology Competes On LCD And OLED Screens

- Apr 19, 2018 -

In the case where the hardware performance of smartphones has reached a bottleneck, the biggest consumer of mobile phones and mobile phone-producing countries, China, cannot temporarily overcome cost disadvantages in chips and memory, and China’s smartphone market is rapidly changing from an incremental market. To the stock market, how to differentiate and compete on other smart phone components has become the number one problem for Chinese smart phone manufacturers. 

China's touch screen network news, in the case of smart phone hardware performance bottlenecks, due to the largest mobile phone consumer and mobile phone producer - China, in the chip and memory temporarily unable to overcome the cost disadvantage, plus China's smart phone market by The incremental market has been rapidly transferred to the stock market. Therefore, how to differentiate and compete on other smart phone components has become the number one problem for Chinese smart phone manufacturers. Let's learn about the relevant contents together with the mobile phone Xiaobian.

In order to intuitively export product differentiation features to consumers, most companies in the industry have upgraded the components of their smartphones to the touch-sensitive, visual, and audio-related handset bodies, fingerprint identification, display screens and cameras, and audio processing.

In recent years, mobile phones have been differentiated and competed by audio processing. Due to the limitations of mobile phone body space, the factors such as the homogenization of the chip model, the quality of the music source, and the individual differences in individual musical sensations, it is difficult to achieve significant results. Competitors form a substantive distinction and have slowly been diluted by the industry.

Due to the different competition of mobile phone body materials, due to the large amount of front-end testing costs, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers rarely make achievements in this area. In addition to a limited number of models such as millet using a ceramic body, they are generally The models previously released by international brands are reference designs to save the cost of their own exploration. Therefore, taking the mobile phone body as a way to make a fuss, it is difficult to get through in the Chinese mobile phone market.

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