LCD-Based Holographic Displays In The Making

- Jun 19, 2017 -

A group of researchers from Soochow University,China, assisted by nano optics fabrication equipment provider SVG Optronics is hoping to bring holographic video displays one step closer to consumers.

Their approach to portable holography is to drastically reduce the computational requirements of refreshing 3D video data by separating the phase information of a lightfield from the amplitude information. Instead of relying on parallax barriers or thin film micro lenses to create stereoscopic multi-views, the researchers rely on a fixed array of voxel-forming nanogratings coupled to an LCD plane used as the light amplitude modulator.

Published in the Optics Express journal, their paper "Multiview holographic 3D dynamic display by combining a nanograting patterned phase plate and LCD" prove the concept with a 640×360 resolution four-view display. Here, each addressable pixel of the 5.5 inch TFT-LCD used to modulate the amplitude information of a lightfield is matched with a nanograting from the fixed 4-view phase plate affixed to the LCD.


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