- Oct 19, 2017 -

1602 LCD is also called 1602 character LCD, it is a LCD module that used to display specially letters, numbers, symbols and other dot matrix. It consists of a number of 5X7 or 5X11 and other lattice character bit, each bitmap character bits will display a character, there is a distance between each dot pitch and each line which played an important role between character spacing and line spacing, because of this so it can show the character (with custom CGRAM, the display is good).

1602LCD refers to the display of the contents of 16X2, which can display two lines, each line of 16 characters LCD module (display characters and numbers).

Most of the characters LCD on the market is based on HD44780 chip, the control principle is exactly the same, so the control program based on HD44780 can be easily applied to most of the character LCDs on the market.


1. 3.3V or 5V operating voltage, adjustable contrast;

2. Contains a reset circuit;

3. Provide a variety of control commands, such as: clear screen, flashing characters, cursor flash, display shift and other functions;

4. There are 80 bytes to display the data memory DDRAM;

5. Built-in 192 5X7 dot matrix character generator CGROM;

6. There are 8 pcs user-defined 5x7 character generator CGRAM. 


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