The Applications Of TFT LCD

- Nov 09, 2017 -

LCD flat panel display, especially TFT-LCD, is the only display device that comprehensively catches up and surpasses CRT in comprehensive performance such as brightness, contrast, power consumption, life span, volume and weight. Its performance is excellent and its mass production features are good. With a high degree of automation, low raw material costs and broad space for development, it will quickly become the mainstream product of the new century and will be a bright spot in global economic growth in the 21st century.

Unlike the TN technology, the TFT display uses "back-through" illumination - the hypothetical light path is not from top to bottom like the TN LCD, but from bottom to top. This approach is set in the back of the LCD special light tube, light source through the lower polarizer plate upward. Since the upper and lower sandwich electrodes are replaced by FET electrodes and common electrodes, the performance of the liquid crystal molecules changes when the FET electrode is turned on, so that the display can be achieved by shading and transmitting light, and the response time is greatly increased to about 80 ms.

Because of its higher contrast than TN-LCD and richer colors, screen update frequency is faster, so TFT commonly known as "true color."



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