Million-class Professional Display Will Use Mini LED Backlight

- May 07, 2018 -

Liquid crystal displays are currently using blue LEDs, which incorporate yellow phosphors, plus light guides and diffusers, to form backlighting systems for liquid crystal displays. Although this system is cost-effective, the color display is not good, because the blue LED system naturally lacks the expressiveness of red and green.

In the past, high-end LCDs all used RGB LED backlights. Although this kind of backlighting system was effective, it was too costly and required a lot of space. For a long time, RGB LED backlights were not widely available. Now with the continuous development of LED technology, the future of high-end liquid crystal displays may use MiniLED, this backlight system can increase the number of dimming partitions, in order to enhance the LCD panel color and contrast, LED usage up to 6000 to 7000.

Structure of MiniLED backlight

However, with the increase in the use of LEDs, manufacturers still need to overcome the ensuing heat dissipation problems. In addition, in order to increase the number of LED chips, the usage of ICs will increase in tandem with the increase in LED display performance. At the same time, the cost has also increased significantly, meaning that the price band of display products that can use MiniLEDs must fall above US$1,000 to afford the high-cost structure of MiniLEDs. The price of such products in China is basically around 10,000 yuan.

In fact, quantum dot backlighting is currently used to enhance the color display of the LCD panel. Future MiniLED backlighting and quantum dot backlighting will become the main components of high-end display backlighting systems. Although the cost of traditional blue LED backlight is low, color display cannot meet the new needs of users.


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