OKI MB562w

- Oct 14, 2016 -

As an LED-based printer, the OKI MB562w is similar to a laser printer, but uses LEDs instead of lasers as the light source. On the whole, LED printers share many characteristics of laser printers—they generally have good speed and text quality—and are considered laser-class printers.

The MB562w is a step up from the OKI MB492 (stay tuned for the review), adding Wi-Fi connectivity, a higher paper capacity, and a higher maximum duty cycle, meaning that it is suitable for heavier-duty printing.

The MB562w can print and fax from, as well as scan to, a PC. It can operate as a standalone copier or fax machine, and supports both printing from and scanning to a USB memory key. A 7-inch touch screen makes it easy to control the MFP from the front panel.

For scanning, the MB562w has a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) that can take up to legal-size paper, and can scan both sides of a document, flipping it over to scan the second side. It also has a letter-size flatbed for scanning delicate documents.

Overall output quality is a bit below average, with slightly subpar text and graphics, and photos of average quality for a monochrome laser MFP. Text quality should still be good enough for most any business use, except for ones requiring very small fonts.

Graphics should be suitable for most any internal business uses, though I'd hesitate to use them for PowerPoint handouts and the like. In one illustration, thin colored lines were totally filled in and invisible. There was some loss of detail in dark areas in several graphics. Photos are of a quality suitable for printing out images from Web pages and the like.

The OKI MB562 brings a lot of good features to recommend it as a heavy-duty monochrome laser-class MFP for smaller offices or workgroups. Although it's not the fastest monochrome laser in its category, it can handle major workloads, and provides extras, like two-sided scanning and a large touch-screen LCD. It's worth a look if you print a lot, but don't need to print in color.

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